Income Tax

Areas of activity – the department deals with a variety of issues that have income tax ramifications in Israel including: changes in structure, mergers and spinoffs, purchase and sale transactions for companies and business activity, brand equity and non competing transactions, employee options, benefits under the various incentive laws, bond debt restructuring, stock issues and raising capital, REIT funds, transition from an individual to a company, the capital market, dissolutions, advising family businesses and home industries and more.

The department has extensive experience in the management of hundreds of assessment negotiations, achieving tax rulings and obtaining tax arrangements vis-à-vis the tax authorities in the above areas as well as extensive experience in the supervising of transactions and the preparation of opinions in its areas of activity.   


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Real Estate Taxation

Areas of activity – the department deals with a variety of areas that have real estate tax aspects including: evacuation-and-construction projects, TAMA 38a [National Master Plan 38a], combination deals, barters, maximizing exemptions including residence exemptions and temporary orders, classifying property associations and changes within the associations, dissolution of real estate companies and property organizations, maximizing the recognized expenses, and more. 


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International Tax

Areas of activity – the department deals with a variety of issues with international taxation ramifications. Among them: the taxing of income from abroad, the structure of investments for individuals and companies when investing and conducting business nthroughout the world, benefits for new immigrants and returning residents, establishing residency status for tax purposes, relocation, voluntary disclosure processes regarding income and assets outside of Israel, investment structure for foreign residents when investing and conducting business in Israel, benefits granted to foreign residents under various incentive laws. The department has extensive experience in obtaining tax arrangements through voluntary disclosure processes, in obtaining tax pre-rulings and in representing clients in assessment discussions in terms of international taxation issues. The department team works with many bodies, including many public companies, and coordinates the international taxation aspects of many prospectuses for companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


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Criminal Procedures

Areas of activity – the department provides consultation and handling of aspects of a criminal nature in the various areas of taxation, including: handling investigative processes and the testimony of various investigative bodies, dealing with penalty/forfeit/forfeiture procedures, indictments and the management of legal process if and insofar as required.


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Voluntary Disclosure

Areas of activity – the department deals with requests for a voluntary disclosure process whether in the framework of the procedure for voluntary disclosure from 2005 or according to the voluntary disclosure procedure resulting from a temporary order prior to 30 June 2012, with emphasis on a comprehensive solution both on the criminal level as well as the civil level in order to obtain the lowest possible tax burden under the circumstances. The department has extensive experience from hundreds of cases in the area of voluntary disclosure that were resolved vis-à-vis the Tax Authority.


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Social Security

Areas of activity – a variety of areas that include: aid and support in assessment discussions of individuals and companies; consultation for Israeli residents that are staying abroad, and, upon their return to Israel, consultation with regard to Social Security liabilities, the rights under the Social Security Law and the National Health Insurance Law; support and consultation with regard to disability insurance (general disability, work disability, tax exemption); provision of professional opinions with regard to the status of an insured under Social Security.


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Value Added Tax

Areas of activity – Our services include: Provision of professional opinions; Obtaining tax arrangements and pre-rulings from the Israel Tax Authority and the VAT & Customs field offices; Writing and advising in assessment obtainments, Conducting and negotiating with the tax authorities in order to obtain tax settlements; Accompaniment of contracts and transactions, including real estate transactions and special purpose entities.


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Trusts Taxation

Areas of activity – analysis of the income tax ramifications in Israel with regard to existing trusts; in instances where required – approaching the Tax Authority, conducting negotiations and obtaining overall tax arrangements for trusts; consulting and support during the establishment of new trusts while coordinating with the foreign trustees and ensuring compliance with the provisions of the law so that the tax implications will be as favorable as possible. The firm has extensive experience in consultation and support for the establishment of trusts and for obtaining tax arrangements for trusts – the firm’s employees are experienced in working with the Tax Authority and some have even handled the taxation of trusts in their previous positions at the Tax Authority.


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War Idemnity

Areas of activity – a variety of areas included in the Property Tax and the Compensation Fund Law – submission of claims for direct damages, indirect damages (loss of profits) or any other damages due to war; appealing decisions of the Authority regarding the sum of the compensation, representation in court and obtaining favorable decisions for the plaintiffs; consultation, support, and submission of professional opinions with regard to claims submitted to the various authorities.


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