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Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen – Tax Solutions, specializes in the provision of consulting and taxation solutions for complex with regard to taxes and National Insurance in Israel and abroad.

Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen – Tax Solutions has made it a goal to provide unique services regarding taxation, in order to create ongoing coordination between the various areas of taxation, taking full advantage of the professionalism and creativity of the firm’s experts.

The team spirit and the joy of accomplishment of the firm’s experts in the various areas of taxation produces the comprehensive taxation solution and the quality of service provided to the client.

Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen – Tax Solutions is a member of the Premier international consulting network. The reciprocal relationship with members of the network abroad provide the client with multinational tax coverage.

Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen – Tax Solutions was established in 2002 by Ran Artzi, CPA, who served as partner managing the tax department of one of the five leading accounting firms in Israel, together with Adv. Ishay Hiba CPA and jurist, who was Ran’s partner in the establishment of the Taxation division and has managed the Israeli Taxation department in the firm since its inception.

In 2006 Adv. Hagi Elmekiesse CPA joined the firm; he is one of the founders of the International Taxation unit in the Tax Authority, and has managed the International Taxation department in the firm since 2004.

In 2010 Ishay Cohen CPA and jurist joined the firm as a partner; previously he served in a senior position in the Tax Authority and has been a member of the professional staff in the firm’s Israeli Taxation department since 2007.

In 2011 Adv. Gadi Alimi CPA joined the firm; he is one of the founders of the International Taxation unit in the Tax Authority, and has served as a member of the firm’s International Taxation department since 2006.

The Haifa and Northern Region Branch

In keeping with the desired standard of professional service for the client, as well as for convenience and in light of our clients’ needs, in 2010 Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen  Tax Solutions established the Haifa and Northern Region branch.

The Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen Tax Solutions Haifa and Northern Region branch is managed by the jurist Yuval Abuchatzeira CPA, who in recent years held various positions in the Tax Authority. In the six years prior to his resignation from the Tax Authority, he served as the deputy assessing clerk for Haifa.

The Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen Tax Solutions Haifa and Northern Region branch provides all taxation services, relying on the experience and professionalism of the Artzi ,Hiba & Elmekiesse experts in the various areas of taxation.

The Artzi ,Hiba, Cohen Tax Solutions Haifa and Northern Region branch focuses on the areas of taxation that characterize the business sector in Haifa and the Northern region, including the industrial factories and capital investment incentive, real estate development, knowledge-rich industries, hotels and international operations.

Trusts and Foreign Accounts

The firm, which specializes in providing solutions to complex taxation problems, has made it a goal to maximize its services for its many international clients and for Israelis who are active abroad, and has therefore expanded its services in two primary areas:

  1. Trusts.

  2. Disclosure and arranging/minimizing tax exposure with regard to capital assets abroad, including foreign bank accounts.

Trust Taxation

Trusteeship is an instrument whose goal is, inter alia, to protect the capital in wisely for use by the future generations. Over the years, many of the well-established families in the country, who are numbered among the firm’s clientele, have taken steps to hold some of the family’s assets in trusts. Working with a trust requires expertise both in general law and in taxation. With regard to taxation, we note that interest in the topic of trust taxation has accelerated since January 2006, when a special chapter was added to the income tax ordnance establishing the tax provisions concerning trusts.

In order to maximize and improve the service to its clientele, the Company operates in this area in a joint venture with the Tel Aviv or Swiss (Zurich) branch of the Rosak law firm, which specializes in the establishment and ongoing “maintenance” of the trusts. In the context of this venture, advice is provided with regard to the nature of the trust, the factors that comprise it, the services and solutions that are available at the time of establishing the trust, while ensuring  a structure with as low a tax burden as possible subject to the taxation chapter.

Disclosure and regulatory compliance with regard to assets and bank accounts abroad.

The globalization of information and the sharing of the information among the various enforcement authorities and tax authorities throughout the world, Israel’s joining the OECD and the tireless attempts of the countries of the world, with Israel among them, to combat unreported assets belonging to their citizens, has pointed an important spotlight on the arrangements for the country’s residents to report their foreign assets. The firm has been active in this area since 2005, when the first procedure for voluntary disclosure was published. The awareness of the country’s citizens has increased and the area has gained momentum since 2009 due to the uncompromising activity of the Israel Tax Authority to expose unreported assets and bank accounts abroad belonging to Israeli citizens.

In this context the firm acts with discretion with the aim of working jointly with the Tax Authority in the instances where Israeli citizens have unreported assets including foreign bank accounts, trusts where the creators of the trust or the beneficiaries of the trusts are not reported. The firm’s employees have very unique and extensive experience in light of their work on these issues, in the course of their duties when they were employed by the Israel Tax Authority, combined with the experience they acquired in representing and handling hundreds of cases in this area.

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