Background and Expertise

Ran founded and launched the tax division in one of Israel’s four largest accounting firms. Ran served there as a partner, managing the tax division. In the framework of his position, he managed a staff of about twenty five accountants, lawyers and tax consultants, and was in daily contact with the Israeli tax authorities. His expertise was instrumental in establishing the tax division in the firm as one of the leading tax firms in Israel. During the years of his activities in the Israeli fiscal sector, Ran participated in many significant and substantial transactions in the Israeli economy.

Selected Professional Activity

Ran serves as the chairman of the central tax committee in “Lahav”(Chamber of Independents and business organisations in Israel) and represents in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) and in public committees against the Israeli Tax Authority regarding  tax legislation process. Ran is an active member of the Tax Journal of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel – “Misim U’Maasim” [“Taxes and Deeds”]. Ran is responsible for and a participant in the writing of dozens of professional articles and responses to questions regarding taxation in Israel and abroad, published in professional literature and the press in Israel. Ran serves as a member of the Taxation Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (since 1995) and the chairman of the Taxation Committee of “Lahav” (Chamber of Independents and business organisations in Israel). In this capacity, he participated and continues to be actively involved in the tax legislative process in Israel, including by representing these organisations in the Knesset Finance Committee, as well as in negotiations with the tax authorities with regard to proposed legislation.

Role in the Firm

Ran serves as a managing partner in the Firm. Ran supervises and often actively participates in the clients’ cases and their interaction with the Tax Authority. Ran is responsible for the Firm’s business development as well as for expanding and diversifying its areas of activity. Ran established the Firm’s relationship with an international network of accountants that operates primarily in taxation (the Premier network). In the context of his international activity involving foreign investors and investments, Ran has gained much experience in the tax laws of foreign countries.

Professional Experience

“Artzi, Hiba, Elmekiesse, Cohen” – Tax Solutions Ltd. (2002 to present).
“Ziv Haft” – Partner and Manager of the Tax Division (1993 – 2002).
“Strauss Lazer, Kost Forer & Gabay” (1987 – 1993).

Formal Education

Israeli Certified Public Accountants – C.P.A since 1993.
Bachelor’s degree (B.A) in Accounting and Business Administration – “Tel Aviv College of Management”.

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