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2010 marks the accession of Israelto the OECD as a full member. This reinforces Israel's global position economically as well as in other fields. As part of this process, Israel joined the OECD anti-bribery convention and amended its tax legislation to deny as expenditure any payment that may reasonably constitute a criminal...
As we indicated on our Tax News Alert of August 25, 2008 the Israeli transfer pricing ("TP") rules, which became effective on November 29, 2006 apply to cross border transactions in which one party is an Israeli tax resident. Loans between related parties are generally subject to Section 3(j) of the ITO. Section 3(j) imposes...
Following the recent changes in Israeli tax legislation with respect to investments and business activities of non-Israeli residents in the Israeli market, we provide you with a brief summary of the general tax benefits and reliefs to non-residents in relation to selected issues: Interest on Israeli deposit accounts in local currency...
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